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Marichat by TheDoorWithin Marichat :iconthedoorwithin:TheDoorWithin 7 10 Icarus by TheDoorWithin Icarus :iconthedoorwithin:TheDoorWithin 13 14 Smol Birdchild by TheDoorWithin Smol Birdchild :iconthedoorwithin:TheDoorWithin 12 24 Miraculous Kingdom of RWBY by TheDoorWithin Miraculous Kingdom of RWBY :iconthedoorwithin:TheDoorWithin 9 25 Kingdom Hearts Grad Cap by TheDoorWithin Kingdom Hearts Grad Cap :iconthedoorwithin:TheDoorWithin 13 12
You say I wish you were here
like there's something left for those groping words to tackle
to the scratchy carpet, who's color is a wisp of cigarette smoke in a shattered memory-
in the living room,
like we used to.
But you're only speaking to a void
permanently the color of a bruise when it's fresh,
your own voice drifting back in a smoldering echo of  ashes-
Nagging, Here, here, here.
And what you'll never realize is that
you have no one else in the world to blame for this-
No one but the person in the mirror smudged with shadows of black dye and eclipses of hair gel,
(The stuff you rub in when your fingers are stuffed stiff with shavings from the drumsticks),
The person who your eldest calls
Only because she doesn't know what else to call you
But who doesn't even believe herself when her lips sample the label for the hundredth, thousandth, millionth time and try to figure out just how it tastes,
if she wants to risk suffocating by trying to suck it down.
:iconthedoorwithin:TheDoorWithin 5 7
Please Don't Take My Sunshine Away... by TheDoorWithin Please Don't Take My Sunshine Away... :iconthedoorwithin:TheDoorWithin 7 21
Miraculous LadyBluff: In the Rain
      Aleric Gunnar hadn't wanted his first day at a school that wasn't built for special operatives to go like this. In his head, he'd played it out a million ways, a trillion times, until he was certain he'd exhausted every scenario and all of their twice removed, thrice removed, yes- even 87th removed cousins. Ideally, it would've gone something more like how he'd imagined. Ideally.
     He'd walk into the classroom with a proud profile, chin just high enough to air confidence, but juxtaposed close enough to the earth to dismantle vanity. That way, the boys wouldn't perceive his prominent muscles as a challenge. His books would be lovingly swaddled in both arms rather than tucked under one, gifting him the appearance of a tender young man who knew not just how to wreak havoc, but how to satiate it with serenity. And that way, the girls wouldn't view him as a vagrant. His tattoos wouldn't provoke questions. They'd be smoothed over with the
:iconthedoorwithin:TheDoorWithin 1 10
     Beneath the body of scrap metal that might have once been a vehicle, Farrah picked and plucked at wires, her feet sticking out and crossed at the ankles as if this position were for lounging and not for working. She had a way of making everything look so effortless. If she had just a pinky finger on each hand, Kai was certain she could still make even the tundra of life into a warm breeze. He could hear her low humming as it buzzed against the metal. Against the cement walls-tumbling and cascading over the shelves like waterfalls cast in cream. And of course, rolling across his skin. It lathered goosebumps roughly across him, and before he knew it his pulse had doubled until the tiny bottle strung on his chest began to dance along with his swaying head. He swept a heavily scarred palm around it and scrunched.
     "This is nice," he started, leaning back on his palms and digging his bare fingers into the concrete. It cast a shiver down his spin
:iconthedoorwithin:TheDoorWithin 4 6
Slice of Life
Farrah knew that Kai was good on his board, but today, he was practically grinding the ground into debris. The wheels were rough and scratched against the pavement. Every few moments, the tip of his neon pink sneaker dipped to the street and propelled him forward. Even when he bumped against a rock or shot across a crack in the sidewalk, his body stayed fluid, leaning with the flow, but simultaneously making sure he- not his board- was always the one directing it. She watched, arms crossed over her chest, smirk flipped on her warm cheeks. Thoroughly amused.
He soared up the ramp with a thundering crackle. He skirted the top, snatched the end of his board with gloved fingers, and expertly balanced himself in the air with it before falling seamlessly back down onto the deck. As if it were nothing, he rolled away with his hands tucked in the pockets of his equally vibrant hoodie. Left dimple glowing, deep blue eyes sizzling with delight in the misty chill of the afternoon. She watched him
:iconthedoorwithin:TheDoorWithin 4 16
Somebody to Die For by TheDoorWithin Somebody to Die For :iconthedoorwithin:TheDoorWithin 12 9
Not Awkward at All
Tanvi had been working on her homework when she heard the knock.
Before the knock, she had tried to ignore the constant scuffling on the carpet outside her door. Quick shuffles and abrupt thuds, copious amounts of agitated mumbling. Without even feeling his presence, she knew Vin was pacing outside. It wouldn't have been the first time he pulled something like this. Whenever he needed to talk about something that really bothered him, he always wrestled himself to the dirt trying to figure out how exactly to say it. That was just how he was.
Afraid to say something wrong.
Afraid to articulate any true and honest feelings.
Afraid of being used, as if he were not a human being, but a tool.
Having known him for so long, the sounds amused Tanvi more than anything, but they also puffed excited bouts of bubbles into her stomach. What was he here for? The anticipation of it had caused her ears to constantly twitch and flinch, acting like frisky foxes prancing around in a fresh snow. Homework w
:iconthedoorwithin:TheDoorWithin 5 4
Icarus and His Sun
Where the flaming tongues of her hair caressed his skin, his flesh became liquid, dripping and sliding from his bones. Malleable. Pliable. Haunted with whimsy, vibrating with a delightful ecstasy that made his lungs as barren and as hungry as a desert. Had there been a time when they- when he- was solid? He almost couldn't recall. Her very presence muddied his mind, pulling him deep into an abyss of pure light.
Where she was warm.
Where she was serene.
Where she was nothing but elation and acceptance.
But for all its glory, it was the one place...
...where he wasn't safe.
He knew he wasn't safe.
And deep inside, he suspected she did, too.
But there was nothing he would rather have than this.
Holding the curves of her face in his hands. Resting her head in his lap. Playing and tempting her lips, softly first, and then passionately, until she burned so bright he could hardly see or think. He could only feel, and try to preserve and tuck the precious sensation
:iconthedoorwithin:TheDoorWithin 102 25
Sleeping at Last
48 hours ago, Vaelen had watched Dillon slip through the sterile white door leading to his private lab. His face had been primarily vacant as always, but it wasn't without undertones, and she saw frustration etched in the slight curl of his brow. The subtle jostle of his throat. The twitch in his jaw when she asked him what he was doing. Whether that was because he was starting to open his reclusive heart to her, or because she was simply becoming more attuned to his mannerisms, she didn't know. Maybe it was a combination of both- even if she really hoped it was more the former than the latter. Any progress in deciphering him, no matter how small, gave her a dose of accomplishment nothing else seemed to be able to offer.
24 hours ago, she had seen him depart the room. She had expected him to head to the dining hall- perhaps for a bite to eat, a snack to satiate the hunger that must have been gnawing his stomach to shambles. But he hadn't. At the diverging corner, he had brushed past a
:iconthedoorwithin:TheDoorWithin 6 18
Seeing Shadows
Chance sat alone.
Complacent and quiet as the hush of the sunset on a winter's night, his back pressed loosely against the wall, his fingers looped together and constantly fiddling with each other.  Except- they jumbled in slow motion. Like every joint, every bit of cartilage was replaced with taffy. In the distance, he heard the tempting lull of music as it billowed through the halls. More likely than not, it came from Vaelen's room, three doors down. She never really slept, he discovered quickly- suffering from years of insomnia, but hiding it well beneath a composed and diplomatic manner that was only broken by blushes. He understood that. Mostly. Not so much the hiding it so well part. If he was capable of such a feat, then maybe he wouldn't wade through the heated waters of scattered wishes so often.
The vacant room carried only an unobtrusive lamplight. A few worn and cracking couches, a table nestled comfortably between them, Kai's sketchbook and Dillon's research notes sca
:iconthedoorwithin:TheDoorWithin 9 9
Let Me Go by TheDoorWithin Let Me Go :iconthedoorwithin:TheDoorWithin 13 39


Stupid sketch...should I finish it? by SesiliaArt Stupid sketch...should I finish it? :iconsesiliaart:SesiliaArt 3 2
Science and Fiction - 818/1000
Saturday, June 25, 2016
I spent my first
Paycheck from
Freelance writing
On more coffee.
I’m spending too
Much money on
Coffee this month,
But I blame that
On the fact that
I’m spending too
Much time in
The cafe.
That’s my favorite
Place to write
Words that don’t
Belong in my
At first I tried
Picking spots
Around the house,
But the more
I sat on the
Couch, at my desk,
And on my bed,
The more at-home
I felt, and the only
Written word
That can give me that
Same feeling
Right now
Is my novel.
Then I tried
The library,
But surrounded
By thousands of
Novels is no way
To get your mind
Off a novel.
My $8.73 took
Almost a week
To appear in my
Bank account,
But when it did,
The first thing I did
Was drive to
The coffee
Shop and buy myself
Something full
Of sugar and calories.
I couldn’t get the
Article, or I guess
Blog post since
“Article” makes it
Sound official,
To sound the way
I wanted it to,
But when I sent it
To the blogg
:icontrainertimpani:TrainerTimpani 4 0
Hollow Knight by Nishipu Hollow Knight :iconnishipu:Nishipu 66 3 TCM: The Other Place by LivingAliveCreator TCM: The Other Place :iconlivingalivecreator:LivingAliveCreator 64 32 Shay [Voltron: Legendary Defender] |FanArt! by SilverTox Shay [Voltron: Legendary Defender] |FanArt! :iconsilvertox:SilverTox 56 11 Illu - shashou by ZuzoHyuu Illu - shashou :iconzuzohyuu:ZuzoHyuu 7 4 Commission - Idris and Marisol by LittleKidsin Commission - Idris and Marisol :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 220 6 com 2 by Nishipu com 2 :iconnishipu:Nishipu 66 0 You get your serifs out of here by zarla You get your serifs out of here :iconzarla:zarla 1,986 391
Science and Fiction - 817/1000
Monday, June 6, 2016
Not even a week
Out and I already
Have something
To write.
For a great price,
I received an email
This morning from a
Blogger looking for
“Fresh, young
College voices.”
She was surprised
I was male
And young.
I took both of
Those as compliments.
Especially given
The pay she offered.
I was afraid of
Asking too many
Questions about
Just what type
Of piece she
Wanted, but my
Fear of not asking
Enough and then
Writing something
That fell off the
Deep end
Outweighed the
Other anxiety.
At least it was easier
To talk via email
Than in person.
Especially given
The wonderfully
Generous pay.
I’ll take the
Day off my novel
Tomorrow to
Get down my
Feelings about being
A leader and how
I balance the
Literary magazine
With my classwork
And desk job.
I was going to
Plan tonight while
Mom took time to
Read a new scene for
My novel, but
Before I knew
What I was doing,
I’d grabbed this
Journal and started
Breaking my sentences
Into lin
:icontrainertimpani:TrainerTimpani 3 0
Science and Fiction - 816/1000
Wednesday, June 1, 2016
With some help from
Dr. Hilliard and
The rest of the lit
Mag staff, I put together
A portfolio of
My best work
And sent it along
With my somewhat
Impressive, not to
Be too conceited,
Resume to a few
Different online
Newspapers, and
I still don’t want
To find a real
Job this summer,
But I’m not sure
My dad is completely
On board with that
Plan. I thought
I’d prove to him
That I can make
Some money off
Writing to start
My career.
I’m still working
On my novel,
And at this point,
Drafts are blurring
Into each other
As I write and
Edit, sometimes
Both within the
Same day.
I haven’t
Heard anything
From any of
The sites
About freelance
But Mom tells
Me every
Day that she
Has faith
In me and my
“My ability
To write?”
“And be
By following
Your dreams,”
She clarified.
“Did Dad
Follow his
Mom pondered
The thought
For a long
Moment be
:icontrainertimpani:TrainerTimpani 3 0
{Flatsale} Painted Satyrs! [closed] by AgentCorrina {Flatsale} Painted Satyrs! [closed] :iconagentcorrina:AgentCorrina 68 33 aaaaa I did a thing in ZBrush by Nishipu aaaaa I did a thing in ZBrush :iconnishipu:Nishipu 50 5 TCM 2: Volume 3 (pg 5) by LivingAliveCreator TCM 2: Volume 3 (pg 5) :iconlivingalivecreator:LivingAliveCreator 46 56 New App Portrait by LivingAliveCreator New App Portrait :iconlivingalivecreator:LivingAliveCreator 59 11 Dawn by TsaoShin Dawn :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 2,464 203



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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Aspiring Author~Cosplayer~Artist~Christian

Author Alias: Prescient_Rain

Hello, mates! :D
The name's Hannah, and I'm a freshman in college pursuing a degree in creative writing! I've been telling stories since I was...well, can't even say for sure, it's been so long xD I started seriously looking at writing as something I wanted to do for the rest of my life at about age 12-13. Since then, I haven't changed my mind, and as of right now, my attention is focused on a fantasy novel series temporarily dubbed "Bluff". When I'm not writing, I'm either plotting what devious thing I'll do to my characters next, drawing, or cosplaying- which I've been doing since 2012. My favorite thing so far about the writing process is definitely watching the unique and unexpected developments between character relationships- sometimes ones that you never intended for. If you ever have any questions about my work, would like me to take a look at your own, or perhaps just want to talk about writing and its gloriousness- just let me know! As long as it isn't super time-consuming, I'd be happy to give your work a read and a critique, and I love to roleplay and learn about others' OC's as well :D

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Amazing artworks done of my characters! Please check the artists out!

Vin Commission by kat-ahdara for TheDoorWithin by kathryngee :thumb514903574:
Felix Taras Vance "Vin", Miles Illias and Tricia Mazzetti <3

Current Projects:



Pandora's Box


Finished Cosplays:

~Prompto Argentum (Final Fantasy XV)
~Adrien Agreste (Miraculous Ladybug)
~Chat Noir (Miraculous Ladybug)
~Ruby Rose (RWBY)
~Jude Mathis (Tales of Xillia)
~Robin (Young Justice)
~Sora (KH DDD)
~Nagisa and Haru (Free! Iwatobi Swim Club)
~Percy Jackson (PJO)
~Hiccup (HtTyD 1)
~Jack Frost (RotG, w/o staff)
~Roxas (KH2)
~Roxas (KH Days)
~Magical Girl Serah Farron (FF XIII-2)
~Halloween Town Roxas (KH)
~Zelda Skyloft Version (LoZ SS)
~Zelda Goddess/Hylia (LoZ SS)
~Weiss Schnee (RWBY- Beacon Uniform Ver.)
~Alice (Alice in Wonderland)

Cons I have attended:
-Toracon 2012
-Matsuricon 2012
-Toracon 2013
-UBCon 2013
-Ryukon 2013
-Matsuricon 2013
-Toracon 2014
-Otakon 2014
-UBCon 2015
-Matsuricon 2015
-Toracon 2016
-Matsuricon 2016

A quick statement. I will not indulge in yaoi, yuri, or anything that promotes the LGBT community. I am not a bigot. I am not a homophobe. I will also not indulge in anything NSFW. I have my own set of beliefs and my reasons for holding them. Please respect that as you would wish to be respected. Thank you.
Sooo...holy crap has it been forever since I wrote a journal. 
I'm gonna keep this short.
It's pretty obvious I've kinda grown tired of posting here. The process is long and complicated, not to mention annoying on my phone. 
My friend and I made a joint instagram where we will be posting frequent pictures of all our new cosplays and shenanigans! I'd love to keep in contact with you guys there, so come on over and say hello!!! :3 


See you there!
  • Listening to: In the Rain~ Miraculous Ladybug
  • Reading: You Don't Know Me by Ferisae (sobs)
  • Watching: Miraculous Ladybug
  • Playing: With my phone
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  • Drinking: Milk


Random but to those who read TLC 
Why does everyone like Cress (the character?) she is actually my least favorite in the entire series. I dislike her immensely xP
Lol sometimes I get new watchers and like I wonder why cause I never post like I appreciate you like what you see but I'm really sorry to disappoint y'all
What do you guys do when you're sad? 
PSA because it's pride month: You don't have to agree with or believe in everything someone else does to love them. To all my friends, no matter what race, belief system, or sexuality you are, I love and care about you guys very much, and will always be there to support you the best I can despite the lifestyle choices we may not agree on. 
Sooo...holy crap has it been forever since I wrote a journal. 
I'm gonna keep this short.
It's pretty obvious I've kinda grown tired of posting here. The process is long and complicated, not to mention annoying on my phone. 
My friend and I made a joint instagram where we will be posting frequent pictures of all our new cosplays and shenanigans! I'd love to keep in contact with you guys there, so come on over and say hello!!! :3 


See you there!
  • Listening to: In the Rain~ Miraculous Ladybug
  • Reading: You Don't Know Me by Ferisae (sobs)
  • Watching: Miraculous Ladybug
  • Playing: With my phone
  • Eating: Camembert
  • Drinking: Milk



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