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Author Alias: Prescient_Rain

Hello, mates! :D
The name's Hannah, and I'm a freshman in college pursuing a degree in creative writing! I've been telling stories since I was...well, can't even say for sure, it's been so long xD I started seriously looking at writing as something I wanted to do for the rest of my life at about age 12-13. Since then, I haven't changed my mind, and as of right now, my attention is focused on a fantasy novel series temporarily dubbed "Bluff". When I'm not writing, I'm either plotting what devious thing I'll do to my characters next, drawing, or cosplaying- which I've been doing since 2012. My favorite thing so far about the writing process is definitely watching the unique and unexpected developments between character relationships- sometimes ones that you never intended for. If you ever have any questions about my work, would like me to take a look at your own, or perhaps just want to talk about writing and its gloriousness- just let me know! As long as it isn't super time-consuming, I'd be happy to give your work a read and a critique, and I love to roleplay and learn about others' OC's as well :D

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Amazing artworks done of my characters! Please check the artists out!

Vin Commission by kat-ahdara for TheDoorWithin by kathryngee Request 2 by coralpinkflorescent
Felix Taras Vance "Vin", Miles Illias and Tricia Mazzetti <3

Current Projects:



Pandora's Box

Earth 2 RP with :icongodsguardianangel2:

Finished Cosplays:

~Chat Noir (Miraculous Ladybug)
~Ruby Rose (RWBY)
~Jude Mathis (Tales of Xillia)
~Robin (Young Justice)
~Sora (KH DDD)
~Nagisa and Haru (Free! Iwatobi Swim Club)
~Percy Jackson (PJO)
~Hiccup (HtTyD 1)
~Jack Frost (RotG, w/o staff)
~Roxas (KH2)
~Roxas (KH Days)
~Magical Girl Serah Farron (FF XIII-2)
~Halloween Town Roxas (KH)
~Zelda Skyloft Version (LoZ SS)
~Zelda Goddess/Hylia (LoZ SS)
~Weiss Schnee (RWBY- Beacon Uniform Ver.)
~Alice (Alice in Wonderland)

Cons I have attended:
-Toracon 2012
-Matsuricon 2012
-Toracon 2013
-UBCon 2013
-Ryukon 2013
-Matsuricon 2013
-Toracon 2014
-Otakon 2014
-UBCon 2015
-Matsuricon 2015
-Toracon 2016
-Matsuricon 2016

A quick statement. I will not indulge in yaoi, yuri, or anything that promotes the LGBT community. I am not a bigot. I am not a homophobe. I will also not indulge in anything NSFW. I have my own set of beliefs and my reasons for holding them. Please respect that as you would wish to be respected. Thank you.
Okay. This one...little...thing about Miraculous has been seriously driving me crazy- mostly because I feel that there is so much evidence pointing to the fact that this theory IS correct, but there are a few hiccups that throw it off. 
So, I'm going to break it down the best that I can. From there, if you have a theory towards or against it, and can successfully debunk the other side, please do comment! Let's try to figure this out! 

Points that lead us to believe Gabriel IS Hawkmoth

-In the origins episode, we see a silhouette of what is confirmed to be Hawkmoth, and it looks strikingly like Gabriel in body type, outfit choice, and yes- jaw shape. The silhouette of Hawkmoth doesn't even look like Hawkmoth. Does this eliminate the jaw evidence? 
-Hawkmoth has a picture of Adrien's mother, which may be his motivation for gathering the miraculous'. Since Adrien's mother disappeared, this could make sense. 
-Gabriel has the miraculous book in his safe, along with the actual peacock miraculous, next to a picture of Adrien's mother and a plane ticket(?). Why would he just have that? It seems too big of a coincidence. 
-Hawkmoth and Gabriel both have the same wedding ring. 
-In Jackady, before going through with his plan, Hawkmoth announces that "it's risky". Why would it be risky? Perhaps it's worth the risk because he can be around Ladybug and Chat Noir in his civilian form. 
      -In the same episode, Gabriel is very uncannily interested in Ladybug's earrings. Yes, he's a fashion designer, but...
      -He also takes the time to observe Adrien's ring as Chat, and then later during their hug, when he is de-transformed. The look on his face is shocked- maybe even a little alarmed? (If he realizes Chat is his son, and he himself is Hawkmoth, what does he do now?)
-Gabriel is almost never around. Yes, he is a fashion designer, but what if part of the reason is also because he's off being EVILLLL?
-Hawkmoth has a dramatic flair that would easily align with mannerisms a fashion designer would stereotypically exercise- especially when unrestrained by societal regulations and his reputation. Think of how Adrien acts when he's Chat Noir. Less reserved. 
-Hawkmoth's lair is apparently a large room with a frankly beautiful window. Something like this could likely only be afforded by someone with a lot of money, and if it is somewhere in the Agreste mansion (possibly even hidden, as we've seen it open and close), Adrien would have no real reason to suspect it.  
-Both have the same body structure, as well as the same eye color. 
-Hawkmoth and Gabriel have the same voice actor with little variation between the two, besides depth. Shows do occasionally use the same VA's for different people, but the fact that it just so happens to be Gabriel and Hawkmoth seems too "right on" to discount. 
-In a post on Twitter, Adrien's Spanish voice actor announced a Happy Father's Day to Papillon, ending the post with " mi padre", or "he is my father." Which is probably the most solid proof the fandom has, I mean, cmon. 
-On the French Wikipedia, it said that Hawkmoth's identity was to be revealed in Episode 26. If that's truly the case, then this debate is over. 

If I'm missing anything else, please remind me!

Points that lead us to believe Gabriel is NOT Hawkmoth (I have less of these, so please fill me in!)

-Gabriel and Hawkmoth apparently have different jaw shapes. Unless the cowl obscures it somehow to throw us off, this doesn't make sense. 
-In Jackady, Gabriel would've had to do a lot of quick changing to keep up. He also almost leapt to his death. However, out of transformation, he may have had no power over the akuma- he did call this a risk. 
-Where the heck is his lair? If Gabriel is Hawkmoth, how come Adrien hasn't seen it? 
-Gabriel wears glasses. How does he see if he's Hawkmoth? 
-This seems almost too obvious. 

From what I can gather, I'm leaning towards he is Hawkmoth. What're your thoughts?

Also shout out to my main kittens over at Chat's Boot-ay~ 
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I read The Little Prince for the first time today and my life is wrecked 
Yesterday's inauguration gives me so much hope. Trump is by no means a perfect man, nor the ideal choice. However, when he began his inaugural speech- the moment he began the speech- the skies split and rain came down. Many people took this as a negative sign, claiming the sky or Mother Nature is weeping for the country. 
But what is rain? What does rain do? Rain, for years and years and years, has been responsible for nurturing crops, refilling lakes and rivers, and bringing the capacity for life to our world. 
It is not a negative sign, but a positive one. As Pastor Graham said, in the Bible, rain is a sign of God's blessing. And with that innate timing, the whole world watching, I just can't blame it on coincidence. 
Trump is in office for a reason. It's time to stop protesting him, which only creates further divisions and unrest, and do our best to guide him as our nation's executive. 
Starting tomorrow, I'm deleting deviantart from my phone.
This in efforts to be more productive. I waste too much time appreciating art, but never making enough of it myself. One of the best ways to be more productive is to take away what sucks up time. 
I'll still have access if I really want it, but I'm going to be doing all I can to remove the temptation and to stay off. 
So what activity I do have is gonna fall. 
Just a heads up to all of you.
Have you played King's Quest?
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How do you feel about deviantart currently?
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2 deviants said I love it! :D
1 deviant said Mostly just politics and hissy fights nowadays.
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